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Cline Farm sounds like a showpiece

The request for new subdivision rezonings normally raise eyebrows in Lincoln County. For many such requests represent more stress on their communities — another neighborhood going up in areas that don’t have adequate roads, schools, water or sewer. But one of the latest offerings is something different, a breath of fresh air. A tract of nearly 300 acres on Reepsville Road known as Cline Farm could become a showpiece instead of a headache. At least, it sounds good.
The applicants who recently won approval for their project from the planning board are developing a tract that promises to blend in with the rural setting in western Lincoln County. It will include modern residential structures, condominiums and a commercial village. But in this offering the developer doesn’t cram it all in one small space, as we’ve seen elsewhere. Of the 286 acres, about 130 are set asides as common open space. The plans call for trails, a picnic area, ball fields and a fishing pond. Existing farm structures will be preserved. Designated cul-de-sacs with medians will naturally decrease speeds in residential areas.
Randy Hawkins, the county’s zoning administrator, said the planned district submitted to his office “is one of the best” he’s ever seen. “It’s environmentally sensitive and aesthetically sensitive.”
The Planning Board voted 6-0 to approve the application without any conditions. The Board of Commissioners is expected to make its decision on the zoning request later this month.
If it’s as good as it sounds, approval should come quickly for this rare occasion when the developer is showing sensitivity to the community environment instead of indifference.

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