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Voters opt for quality schools

Lincoln County voters wisely approved a bond referendum Tuesday that clears the way for two new schools, badly needed renovations and expansions. The vote was a clear expression of confidence in the Lincoln County Schools, the teachers and the administration. The support for this bond was also helped immensely by citizen leaders who kept reminding us of its importance. You heard from these citizens at the local Rotary Club, at church and even in the workplace. Congratulations to Schools Superintendent Jim Watson and his administration for an effective campaign.
The $47 million will provide a new elementary school in western Lincoln County to help relieve overcrowding at Union Elementary and North Brook Elementary schools. A new middle school will be built in central Lincoln County to relieve overcrowding at Lincolnton Middle School and all centrally located elementary schools. All elementary schools will serve grades pre-K through third. Fourth-graders and-fifth-graders will attend Lincolnton Middle School’s old building, which will become an intermediary school.
Lincolnton High School, East Lincoln High School and West Lincoln High School will each have a new gym and cultural wing. These additions would put off the need to build a fifth high school in the county.The vote was a “taking care of business” vote that looks to the future of a growing, progressive school district. It means a lot to those families in Lincoln County with babies and toddlers at home who want high quality schools for their children during the next decade.

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