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Hydrilla-eating carp to be dumped into lake

Large minnows will be munching up weeds in Lake Norman starting Monday.
Sterile grass carp, a large minnow native to eastern Asia, will help control the fast-growing weed known as hydrilla which has infested parts of Lake Norman.
A total of 6,000 of these fish will be let lose to swim in the lake in order to help with the 500 acres that are infested with the weed.
On Monday, 4,250 fish will be dumped into the lake from a ramp at Queens Cove. This has been sited as the most weed infested area.
On Friday, the remaining amount of 1,750 will be deposited.
Bob Elliott, chairman of the hydrilla committee of the Lake Norman Marine Commission said it will be a couple of years before the lake will see any results.
However, he said it is a good thing they are getting started now.
“The sooner we start, the better,” he said.
The 12-inch-long fish will be arriving in large trucks and be dumped in from a big pipe which will swing out into the lake.
Before approving the grass carp, the hydrilla committee also considered putting chemicals in the lake as another option.
However, the carp is much cheaper and many people were opposed to putting chemicals in the lake.
The shipment of the fish cost $40,000. The state is paying for half of the cost and the marine commission is raising the remaining $20,000.
Already a large portion of the money has been raised.
by Amy Wadsworth

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