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Group events planned to pull in Denver community

The East Lincoln Betterment Association is working on trying to make Denver more of a tight knit community.
This is thanks to Jennifer and Ralph Harkey, members and residents of the area.
The couple has arranged several events through the East Lincoln Betterment Association in hopes of getting people to know their neighbors.
“We have been talking about how there is no sense of community,” Jennifer said. “Events can bring us together so we can talk to each other.”
Ralph said the events will benefit a lot of people.
“We are trying to involve as many people as possible,” he said.
He said ELBA is a great springboard to getting the community joined together.

ELBA Progressive
Jennifer and Ralph have organized a Progressive Dinner which will take place Thursday, June 24 at 6:30 p.m.
The traditional definition of a progressive dinner involves going from one person’s home to the next.
However, this particular progressive dinner involves going to different restaurants in the community which are in several miles of each other.
Appetizers will start at Safari Miles, which will include a cash bar and cocktails. From there, the group will move on to dinner at Giorgio’s, a new restaurant in Natalie Commons Shopping Center on N.C. 16.
There will be 12 choices to choose from including eggplant, veal or chicken parmesan, lasagna, grilled chicken and italian sausage.
Dessert and coffee will be offered at Coffee & More and Arctic Stone Creamery, located in the Shoppes at Waterside Crossing. Live entertainment from the local band Shь will be provided on the patio.
An informal get-together of after-dinner drinks will be served at Safari Miles.
Tickets are $35 for ELBA members and $40 for non-members. Checks can be made to ELBA. Fore more information call, 704-489-1996 or visit elbanc.org or www.lakenormanproductions.com.
After the costs of the meals and entertainment, the rest of the ticket proceeds will benefit the programs at East Lincoln Christian Ministries.
Ralph said there has already been a lot of interest.
“Lots of people have commented that it is a neat idea,” he said.

Summer Picnic
There is also the possibility of ELBA organizing a picnic.
There is no set date but Beattys Ford Park may be a possible location.
Jennifer said she suspects the picnic may take place anywhere from late August to early September.
A band and food vendors may be included.

Recipe book
Another event organized by the Harkeys is creating a community-oriented recipe book to benefit ELBA.
Jennifer said she would like to have 100 to 150 recipes. She has already collected 30.
The deadline to submit recipes is Sept. 30.
Jennifer is hoping to make the book in color with photos.
“It will make good Christmas presents,” she said.
Ralph said making a recipe book is a great way to spark interest in the community.
“People like to see their work and effort in print and a cookbook is a great way to do this,” he said.

Newcomer’s Event
An event for newcomers in the area will be held in September or October.
“We are growing like weeds over here,” Jennifer said.
The event will show many of the attractions in the area such as shopping and dining.

Concert Series
Starting this month, Coffee & More in Denver will have musical entertainment every Saturday night and almost every Friday night on the patio.
For more information on these events go to ELBA’s Web site at www.elbanc.org or lakenormanproductions.com. by Amy Wadsworth

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