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Health Pavilion to bring LMC services to east Lincoln

After recovering from years of financial struggle, Lincoln Medical Center (LMC) hopes to develop a strong presence in east Lincoln County.
From May through September the hospital will be opening new offices at the Health Pavilion located on the corner of Hwy. 73 and Hwy. 16.
The building was first built in 1999.
“I wish we had been in this position five years ago, however, we’re still lucky,” said Pete Acker, CEO of LMC.
The hospital hired a consulting firm to research east Lincoln County.
The firm, Park Danson, found that residents of east Lincoln County desire quality service in a convenient location. LMC hopes to provide just that.
“My advice to is to move quickly,” said Dean Jenks, a consultant, at a LMC board meeting.
“Lincoln Medical Center has the opportunity to be the first and to set the standard of service and set the standard of care in east Lincoln.”
Jenks told the board that the population of east Lincoln is educated and highly insured.
He believes that after LMC develops a successful presence in east Lincoln, competing healthcare facilities will do the same.
“When your news gets out, you’re not going to be the only ones there,” said Jenks. “I promise you that.”
For now, some of those involved in the project aren’t too concerned about losing patients to larger Charlotte area hospitals.
“I’m not worried about competition,” said Dr. Berneice Redmond, who will work in the Pavilion’s women’s health office.
“I think they want to get out of Charlotte. The traffic’s horrible.”
The hospital has made an effort over the past few years to reach out to east Lincoln, and residents have noticed LMC’s interest, said Jenks.
Although the perception of the hospital is changing, LMC still has to prove itself.
“This is a marathon. It is not a sprint,” said Bill Green, a consultant.
“It’s getting into the community and staying in the community whether you have one patient or 1,001.”
LMC opens its first office, an imaging center, on Monday, May 3.
Prior to the opening of the imaging center, the only office open in the Health Pavilion was a chiropractor, who does not have ties to LMC.
On May 17, an Optima Therapy office will be open in the Health Pavilion. This office will offer physical therapy, speech therapy and sports medicine.
In June, the Health Pavilion will have a women’s health office and urology center.
Between July and September the Health Pavilion will also offer orthopedics, pediatrics and internal medicine.by Sarah Grano

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