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Families find their history at festival

Kilt-wearing competitors participated in the Loch Norman Highland Games Saturday and Sunday. (Above) Dick Hastings and Curtis Costa play in the Loch Norman Pipe Band. (Below) Kearney Smith throws a 56 lb. weight for the best height during one of seven competitions to demonstrate strength. Jenny Walling / LTN Photo

HUNTERSVILLE — Lib Girard sits in the Dunlop clan tent dressed in her Scottish attire.
Sitting back in her chair, she tells stories of finding her heritage.
“I have met cousins I didn’t even know about,” she said.
The Dunlop clan traces their heritage back to Dunlop, Scotland. It originated in 1980 and has 100 members all over the U.S., Australia and Scotland.
Girard is also a member of the Cunningham and Scott clan.
She said she loves coming to the Loch Norman Highland Games every year because they are so fascinating.
She said her favorite part is seeing all of her friends in the other clans.
The Highland Games celebrated their 11th year Saturday and Sunday in Huntersville. Many people in the area came to enjoy what the weekend had to offer.
Among all the activities, there was also Scottish food to eat and booths with Celtic merchandise for sale.
Many people dressed in kilts and boots for the festival.
Deborah and Clay Icard who donned kilts, have been coming every year to camp for the whole weekend.
“The reason I come is because I love history,” Clay said. “I try to recreate ancient Scottish history.”
He said 11 years ago there were 45 or 50 clans at the games and now it has quadrupled.
“A lot of people like to go back and find their roots,” he said.
Nancy-Coe Hall of Mount Holly also comes every year.
“It is a good family activity,” she said. “I have met many wonderful people here.”

by Amy Wadsworth

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