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School officials approve expenses

The Board of Education unanimously approved a $2,088,011 current expense budget at April’s Board of Education meeting.
This budget, which is $839,000 more than last year’s current expense budget, will be presented to the Board of Commissioners.
The budget had additions listed as either high priority or low priority.
“I know all of us would like to ask for more, but these are high priority needs,” said Jean Dellinger, vice chairman of the Board of Education.
The high priorities included additions to the budget such as $354,000 for current expenses, $130,000 for teacher supplements and $114,000 for new teaching positions.
Also included in the budget was $40,000 to go to part-time reading tutors for second-grade students.
Joan Avery, a board member, had pushed to have teacher assistants reinstated in schools, which would have cost $420,000.
“I think this (the reading tutors funding) is an excellent alternative proposal,” said board member Tommy Houser.
The Board of Education also listed less urgent needs such as a social worker, technology technician, safety director and custodians.
These needs add $273,000 to the total current expense budget.
The Board of Education also passed a $1.2 million capital outlay budget.
“This is probably the most critical budget because it is under funded,” said Watson.
The capital outlay budget was $126,500 more than last year.
Additions included money for roof repairs, renovations, painting, maintenance vehicles and an activity bus.
The Board of Education also covered the following issues at their April meeting:
· The interior of North Lincoln High School’s athletic buildings and much of the outside work has been completed. Track surfacing and grassing has yet to be completed.
· The bus entrance of St. James Elementary will be paved later in the spring along with the paving of St. James Road.
· Vice Chairman Jean Dellinger was awarded a certificate from the North Carolina School Boards Association for School Boardmanship. Dellinger has had over 900 hours of school board training. East Lincoln Middle School’s celebration for being named a “School to Watch” will take place on Friday April 23 at 1:30 p.m.by Sarah Grano

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