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Wachovia to add ATM in Denver

Wachovia customers in east Lincoln will no longer have to make those long commutes out of the county to do their banking.
A full service drive-up ATM is expected to be installed by the end of the month at Waterside Crossing in Denver.
Sarah Greene, spokeswoman for Wachovia, said it is in response to a growing market.
“We want to service customers in that area,” she said.
The full service ATM will allow customers to fulfill all their banking needs, including making deposits, transferring funds and withdrawing money.
There are no plans for a financial center at this point, but Greene said they are continuing to evaluate the area.
“We are always looking at the possibility,” she said.
Ralph Harkey, a resident of Denver and an employee at Wachovia in Charlotte, said he is excited that Wachovia has taken a step into a new market.
“With commuters increasing in number this will provide another banking alternative,” Harkey said. “It will add competition to the market which generally is a plus for customers.”
He said he knows about a half dozen people who commute to Charlotte from the Denver and West Lake Norman area to work at Wachovia.
“One thing to recognize is that east Lincoln is growing at a rapid rate,” he said. “More people from Mecklenburg County are relocating to Lincoln County each year so the number of banking industry employees in general will increase.”
Harkey said he thinks studies will continue for the possibility of a financial center.
“The population is on the rise,” he said. by Amy Wadsworth

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