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Grass carp to be added by April 30

Lake Norman will soon be home to many fish who will help combat the spread of hydrilla, a fast-growing weed.
Sterile grass carp are expected to be in the lake by the end of April. They will arrive in large trucks and be deposited in the water near Queen’s Cove, which has been targeted as the most infected area of the lake.
At Monday night’s Marine Commission meeting, Bob Elliott, former Lake Norman Marine Commission chairman and chairman of the hydrilla committee, has been busy asking surrounding counties to help with the remaining funds.
The cost of the fish is $40,000. The state is paying for half of the cost, and the Marine Commission is raising the remaining $20,000.
Elliott has asked for assistance with some of the remaining funds from the Mooresville Town Council in the amount of $3,000. He will also ask for the same amount from Catawba and Lincoln counties.
Money will also be coming from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department and Duke Power.
Elliott is confident all the money will be raised.
“We are doing just fine,” he said.
In other business, A Light Up the Lake Parade event will be held on Lake Norman Friday July 2 with all proceeds going to purchase navigational aids on the water. by Amy Wadsworth

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