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East track backdrop for movie

The East Lincoln Speedway is gearing up for some serious lights, camera and action next week.
The speedway will be bustling with activity starting Monday in order to film, “3: The Dale Earnhardt Story,” a made for TV movie.
Victory Lane Productions chose the speedway in December and found it to be the right size.
“They looked at us first and then came back and told us they wanted to film here,” said Ernie Knight, co-promoter for the speedway.
Scenes from the movie will also be filmed at the Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte.
The movie will be shot starting Monday and continue until Wednesday.
Actor Barry Pepper, who has been in “The Green Mile,” “Saving Private Ryan” and “We Were Soldiers,” will be playing the part of the late Dale Earnhardt in the film.
Knight said there are many documentaries and commercials shot at the track, but this time is different.
“This one is exciting,” she said.
Knight said they will be doing a lot of painting, will change some signs and will be spending time making the building look old in preparation for the production.
The goal is to have the speedway look like the old Metrolina and Concord Speedway of the ‘60s and ‘70s.
Although the regular race season has begun at the speedway, filming will be scheduled around those times.
Race season started April 3 and will continue until October.
Terry Brotherton, a Denver resident and former county commissioner, is excited about the project.
He is hoping that residents who live in the area realize there may be noise at late hours, but that it is for a good cause. “I think the county will be responsive to this,” he said. by Amy Wadsworth

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