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Union kids lament lost holiday

While other children were nestled in their beds, students at Union Elementary School had to wake up and go to class on Friday morning.
“I really didn’t care because my sister loves sleeping in. She always loves to sleep,” said Betsy Roland, a fourth-grader.
“I’m one of those people who loves getting up in the morning.”
Monday marks the students’first day of spring break. All other Lincoln County Schools students started spring break on Friday.
Last February, Union students got out of school early due to a water main break that left the school without water.
On the same day students throughout the county were sent home because of the weather.
The State Board of Education decided not to forgive Union the day despite a letter written by Superintendent Jim Watson.
“I was real surprised,” said Tina Martin, a fourth-grade teacher. “It wasn’t like everyone else was in school.”
To make up the day, Union could either have school on Good Friday, or use a Saturday to have instruction.
“We opted for this day because we thought we would have better attendance,” said Kirby Oldham, the school’s principal.
On Friday, students and staff started their spring break in the early afternoon, but some students were unhappy about having to come at all.
Bret Pittman, a third-grader, described his mental state as “very grumpy,” especially when he thought about other students throughout the county.
“They didn’t have to go to school,” said Bret. “They get to play on the computer.”
Other students didn’t seem to notice the difference.
“I don’t care because I kind of like school,” said Charlie Ingle, a fourth-grader. “I get to see my friends and everything.”
Many students spent the day dyeing Easter eggs, eating candy, going on Easter egg hunts and making birds’ nests with marshmallows and chocolate.
Teachers, especially those with End of Grade (EOG) tests looming up ahead, made sure to make the fun reasonably educational.
“To me it hasn’t been a waste. It’s been a productive day,” said Pamela Hoffman, a third grade teacher.
“It really was a nice day to say we’re not going to cram for EOGs.”
Students estimated the amount of candy in a jar. They worked on coordinate grids that produced the image of the Easter bunny.
Throughout the day, students counted down the minutes to their spring break.
“I know I’m going to go home and be relaxed and dye Easter eggs,” said Betsy.by Sarah Grano

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