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Librarian closes book on position at Pumpkin Center Middle School

Jane Crouse (left) and Kaye Hollifield (right) enjoy each other’s company at Hollifield’s retirement party at Capt’n Pete’s Seafood restaurant Monday. Hollifield, the librarian at Pumpkin Center Middle retired Tuesday. Crouse took over as librarian today. The event raised $1695 to go towards purchasing library books for the school. Amy Wadsworth / LTN Photo

Kaye Hollifield said her kids are torn up that she is leaving.
Monday morning she showed a video to her students showing them what she would be doing after she retired.
The video showed the flower garden she wants to put in, the wood pile that needs to be replenished, the yard that needs attention, the walls of the house that need painting and the stacks of books she hopes to be reading.
“I wanted to show my kids that when I left I had things to do,” she said.
Pumpkin Center Middle School’s “favorite librarian,” known as “Holli,” left her position Tuesday after being there for five years.
“Holli,” who has been there from the beginning, when Pumpkin Center Middle opened in 1999, said she could not pick a better place to end a career.
She helped start the library with assistance from Principal Bobby Harkey.
“When Mr. Harkey asked me to help him, I could not turn him down,” she said. “He’s so wonderful and so good with the kids, I knew it would be a success.”
Although it is hard for her to leave she is so glad her library assistant, Jane Crouse, who has been with her since the beginning is going to take over.
“Jane is too valuable to waste,” she said. “We can’t find enough educators like her.”
Crouse will take over as librarian today.
She said Hollifield was the one who encouraged her to go back to school in order to become a librarian.
“Holli allowed me to bring out my best,” she said. “I would never have done this if it wasn’t for her because I never believed I could do it.”
Hollifield said her kids deserve someone like Crouse.
“I know that there is going to be somebody there now who cares and who will bend over backwards,” she said.
Monday evening, members of Pumpkin Center Middle, friends, parents and students gathered at Capt’n Pete’s Seafood to wish Hollifield well.
The restaurant covered half of the meal with all money and tips in a jar going to purchase library books for the school. The event raised $1695.
Although Hollifield said the video she showed her kids did not look nearly as exciting as staying there with them- it is what life brings to you.
She said she is at least glad the children already know Crouse.
“I am crazy about the kids. It’s like school in the 60s and 70s,” she said. “I could not see leaving my kids to someone unknown.” by Amy Wadsworth

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