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Gospel to hit the airways from Seventh-Day Adventist

Scott Armstrong sits at the controls of WWGT FM100, a radio station that will broadcast out of the attic at Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Jenny Walling / LTN Photo

Members of Seventh-Day Adventist Church will bring the Light of the World to Lincoln County.
The Light of the World is the church’s new broadcasting corporation that will bring a new Christian radio station to the area beginning Good Friday, April 9.
“We had a lot of hurdles to go through, yet the Lord led through it,” said Harvey Houser, church member.
Houser was inspired to create the radio station more than two years ago while watching Three Angels Broadcasting Network. He saw an advertisement encouraging churches to start up radio stations and brought the idea to the pastor and congregation.
Through strong efforts and a lot of faith, the equipment is in place and ready to go.
“There was great prayer,” said church member Edwina Hinton. “This idea of a radio station was prompted by the Lord.”
A committee was formed to carry out various projects for the station — finding programming, setting up equipment, erecting an antenna and naming the station.
The motion went before the City Council several times where committee members got a glimpse of the obstacles ahead. Property was needed for the radio tower. A member of the church donated land in Cherryville that later fell through.
Another member of the church came up with a creative idea for the antenna — put it inside of a steeple.
A steeple was ordered for the church. Once the new addition arrived, architects discovered that the church couldn’t support the weight. After much thought and prayer, the congregation came up with a new idea.
A 60-foot flag pole now stands outside of the church. The 28 pound antenna is right on top.
The FCC told Pastor Jim Graves that the signal would reach about a three-mile radius. Testing has shown even better results than expected. WWGT FM100 reaches a 26-mile radius including Lincoln County and parts of Gaston and Cleveland counties.
WWGT (Walk With God Today) will broadcast music, sermons, community news and inspirational words from church members and Three Angels Broadcasting Network. Members of the congregation feel programming from 3ABN is exactly what the community needs.
“It is unbelievably joyful. It uplifts and encourages people,” said Hinton. “We think it’s bringing something needed to the community.”
A radio station has been built in the attic of the church. Soundproofing has been added, and sound boards and computer screens are ready to come to life.
Local broadcasting will be prerecorded until the church has reached the level of professionalism they desire, said Graves.
Church members Scott Armstrong and Phil Houser have attended a class to learn the ins and outs of running a radio station. Armstrong, who had some prior computer knowledge, plans on attending another class in May.
The station will not require commercials and outside funding. The project to date has been funded by members of the congregation to the tune of $40,000.
Operating costs will be minimal, Graves said. He doesn’t anticipate having to seek money from the community. He only hopes that the community will listen to the Word.
“We just want to share it with the world so that our Lord will come.”
A ribbon cutting will be held at 5 p.m. Friday, April 9 at Seventh-Day Adventist Church, N.C. 27 West. The station will begin broadcasting 24 hours a day starting with the ceremony.by Diane Turbyfill

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