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Woman recalls 93 years of history

Margaret Dellinger sits on the front porch of her Crouse home recalling memories that are preserved on her property. Amy Wadsworth / LTN Photo

CROUSE — Margaret Dellinger sits back in her chair and talks about the old days.
She remembers growing up on the farm where her life was spent mostly outdoors in the fields, milking cows and carrying water up the hill.
“There was loads of work to do,” she said.
She also recalls her 30-year career as a teacher at Love Memorial Elementary School. She taught 35 to 42 first grade children.
“I love my children, sometimes I was more proud of my children than the parents were,” she said. “You get so attached to them.”
And apparently they did too.
Margaret said several of them have come to visit her at her Crouse home.
“It’s odd to think of someone coming back and looking up a first grade teacher,” said Ann Dellinger, Margaret’s daughter-in-law. “She must have made an impression.”
Today at the age of 93, Margaret lives on the same property on which she was born. Only now, she lives with her only son, Robert, and his wife, Ann.
Their property includes 137 acres of rolling, green hills and several old log cabins.
One of the cabins was where Margaret’s great grandfather was born.
Once one log cabin was preserved, other people in the community asked if they could put theirs there, too.
The Dellinger property holds a wealth of history.
In the hall of the Dellinger’s home leading to Margaret’s bedroom are family photos, some ancient and faded.
Family trees are also framed and displayed on the wall.
The pictures are a reminder to many of how much of a miracle it is that Margaret is still here today.
Ann remembers the heart attack Margaret had in December 2002.
“We had to move her from Lincoln County to Gaston Memorial and they told me she was not going to survive,” she said.
But Ann said she pulled through.
“She’s here, she’s got good genes,” Ann said.
Although Margaret has a lot of resting up to do since her heart attack, she can hardly wait to get outside and do some gardening.
“I love to garden,” she said. “I love tomato plants, I have a garden every year.”
Margaret Dellinger
Age: 93
Family: son, Robert; three grandchildren; two great-grandchildren
Occupation: Retired school teacherHobby: Gardening by Amy Wadsworth

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