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Skull found in shed

CROUSE — Authorities with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the discovery of a skull found in a western Lincoln County shed late last week.
The skull was found in an open garage-type shed behind a house on Old Lincolnton-Crouse road Friday by a woman who recently rented the house, said Lt. Ronnie Matthews, chief investigator with the Sheriff’s Office.
The woman was cleaning out the shed — which was full of junk and trash — when she discovered a human skull.
The skull was “pretty much in tact,” Matthews said, and appeared to be old.
There was a small hole in the front of the skull but no damage to the rest of it, Matthews said. Rumors have circulated that the hole was from a gunshot, but Matthews said that’s hard to tell considering the advanced stages of decay.
Since there was no damage to the rest of the skull, it’s likely the hole was caused by decay, he said.
Sheriff’s detectives and deputies cleaned out the entire shed and did a thorough investigation of the area, Matthews said. No other bones or body parts were located.
Matthews believes the skull had been transferred to the shed from another location.
“It appears the skull had been carried into the building by either somebody or an animal,” Matthews said. “It was nothing that was dug up inside that building.”
The skull was found lying on top of other items in the shed. A box nearby contained paperwork from the 1950s but included nothing related to the skull’s discovery.
There are several private graveyards in the woods nearby, he said. Authorities have been trying to determine whether the skull could have been dug up from an old plot.
The skull is being sent to the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Raleigh where it is hoped that its sex and age can be determined.
Until then, Matthews wants to dispel rumors that the Sheriff’s Office is not taking the investigation seriously and wants to calm any fears residents may have.
“This is not like we found a dead body somewhere,” Matthews said. “We did a thorough search of the immediate area and found nothing with any other body parts.”Anyone who thinks they might have information about the discovery of the skull can call the Sheriff’s Office at 704-732-9050.by Alice Smith

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