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Downtown gunfire sparks chase

Lincolnton Police Chief Dean Abernathy (back left) and Detective Tony Hallman stand with Sherry Moncree following the shooting Thursday on Main Street. Jenny Walling / Lincoln Times-News

Police are still looking for a Cherryville man who is charged with the attempted murder of his estranged wife and her daughter following a shooting on Main Street Thursday.
Robert Jeter Jr., 55, is wanted on two counts of attempted murder, Lincolnton Police Detective Brian Greene said.
The incident happened around 12:30 p.m. Thursday on Main Street between Cedar and Laurel streets.
Sherry Moncree, Jeter’s estranged wife, and her daughter, Shikira Moncree, were driving east on Main Street, Greene said.
Jeter pulled alongside their vehicle near the Post Office and tried to stop them, he said. Shikira Moncree, who was driving, refused to stop.
They went through the light at Cedar Street, and that’s when Jeter bumped their car with his.
“He basically forced his car into their car to make them stop,” Greene said.
Witnesses saw Jeter crawl across the passenger’s side of his car and out the door.
He then pointed a shotgun into the women’s car and ordered Sherry Moncree to get out.
Both women got out.
Shikira Moncree, who is nine months pregnant, ran across the street toward First Citizens Bank, Greene said.
Sherry Moncree began running toward First Charter Bank.
That’s when Jeter fired his gun at least once toward Sherry, Greene said. The shot missed, but hit a Cadillac parked in the lot.
Around that time, police Chief Dean Abernathy and Capt. Danny Hallman were headed west down Main Street. They were flagged down by someone who had witnessed the incident.
They saw Jeter get back into his car with the gun and make a right on South Laurel Street.
After checking to see that the victims were not hurt, Abernathy and Hallman began following the vehicle.
Hallman said Jeter was traveling around 100 mph down Laurel Street. He turned off down a side street and police lost sight of him.
A description of Jeter and his vehicle was sent out over police radios, and officers with the Lincolnton Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and North Carolina State Highway Patrol spread out in search of the suspect Thursday.
Employees of nearby businesses stood outside following the shooting, watching officers stretch yellow crime scene tape around the parking lot. Cars slowed as they passed the scene.
A woman who was at the drive-thru window at a nearby bank saw what happened.
“When he pulled that big gun out, I thought, ‘Oh my God,’” she said.
Police are asking anyone who has any information about Jeter’s whereabouts to call them at 704-736-8900.Jeter was driving a 2000 to 2003 silver Ford Taurus with paper dealer tags from South Carolina. He is considered armed and dangerous. by Alice Smith

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