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Project delay discussed at council meeting

Mike Holder with the Department of Transportation speaks the progress and delays of the N.C. 16 widening project at the East Lincoln Area Council meeting Tuesday.
Jenny Walling/ Lincoln Times-News

The progress of work on N.C. 16 is moving slowly, with the full project expected to be complete by August 2010.
The project will be an alternate route to get from Charlotte to Hickory.
At the East Lincoln Area Council meeting Tuesday, Michael Holder, Twelfth Division engineer with the Department of Transportation, gave several reasons why the project has been delayed.
“Weather has been a big factor, as well as soil conditions,” Holder said. “There have also been utility delays.”
He said the weather last winter and spring were the wettest in our history.
“You can’t move dirt when it is muddy and soupy,” he said.
The completion date for the grading and structures from South of Lucia to North of N.C. 73 is scheduled to be completed by December 2004.
The paving of this portion will be complete in May of 2007.
The second part of the project from North of N.C. 73 to Tower Road will be complete with grading and structures by May 2007.
The paving of this project will be complete in August of 2010.
Holder also discussed some of the existing projects that are occurring on N.C. 16.
The N.C. Moving Ahead Project will take place this spring and summer. It will improve N.C. 16 from N.C. 73 to Unity Church Road. It will be widened to a three lane section. by Amy Wadsworth

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