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PAC brings local issues to the table

The East Lincoln Political Action Committee is striving to get a voice in the community.
The newly formed group was approved through the East Lincoln Betterment Association in December.
With an election year ahead, it seemed essential that the group take a leadership role to ensure that issues and concerns important to east Lincoln residents and businesses are heard and taken seriously by candidates and elected officials.
Not only is the group looking for new members, it is also coming up with lists of questions for candidates and incumbents who will run for commissioner in the primaries and the election this fall.
These questions are divided into categories and go over some of the important issues in east Lincoln.
Some of these categories included planning, development and zoning in east Lincoln.
“We want to interview all candidates including incumbents to see their focus on east Lincoln in the primaries and upcoming election,” said Judy Browne, chairwoman and organizer of ELPAC.
Browne said she has seen this done in other communities such as Mecklenburg and it works well.
ELPAC will evaluate each candidate and develop a recommendation for the candidate, ranging from “highly recommended” to “not recommended.” The recommendations will be made public to local media.
An effort will be made to lobby for and support the recommended candidates.
The organization will solicit donations to pay for outreach activities and to actively support candidates for office.
In the future, another set of questions will also be written up for those candidates who are interested in running for school board seats.
Browne said these questions will allow ELPAC to meet all candidates and see what kind of ideas they have for the eastern part of the county.
Dan Tritt, who serves on the Lincoln County Planning Board and also as an alternate on the Board of Equalization, said he may be interested in running for county commissioner in the coming election.
Browne said she invited him to speak at the ELPAC meeting to talk about his experiences.
Tritt has also served as chairman of the planning board in Cornelius.
He said ELPAC’s questions are an important part of finding the right candidates.
“Interview your people, see what they want and the direction they are taking,” he said.
At the next ELPAC meeting on April 15, the committee will take a stand on the school bond issue.
“We need to decide as a group if we support school bonds or not,” Browne said.
She said it is important to get their voice heard in the community so everyone sees they are serious.
“We want people to know that we are taking a stand on these important issues,” she said.
ELPAC is open to anyone who is interested in supporting any of these goals. For more information call Judy Browne at 704-489-2728, or send an e-mail to ELPAC at action@elbanc.org.by Amy Wadsworth

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