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Jobless rates rose from December to January

Unemployment rates in Lincoln County had an increase from 6.2 in December to 7 in January.
Judi Morton, manager of Lincoln County’s Employment Security Commission said the increase at this time of year is fairly normal.
“The rise in January is due to the layoffs over the holidays,” she said. “It is also partly due to the American and Efird layoffs.”
These job loses did not show until now due to the severance and vacation pay they would have received in December.
American and Efird closed in early December.
Surrounding counties all felt the rise in their unemployment rates.
Gaston County had a jump from a 6.8 in December to a 7.6 in January. Catawba County also went up from a 8 to an 8.5. Cleveland County’s rate rose from a 9.7 to a 10.6.
For the month of January, unemployment rose in 89 NC counties. Rates rose in six counties and stayed the same in five.
The highest unemployment rate was in Hyde County which had a rate of 14.2. The increase was due to layoffs in the Trade industry.
For the fourth consecutive month, Watauga County had the state’s lowest rate at 2.6 percent, up 0.4 percent from December.
Dare and Tyrrell counties had the largest increases at 4.2 percent. Dare rose to 11.9 from 7.7 percent in December also due to layoffs in the Trade industry. Tyrrell increased from 11.8 percent from 7.6 percent because of layoffs in the Services industry.
The state’s unemployment rate for the month of January was 5.8 percent, a decrease from 6.2 in December.by Amy Wadsworth

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