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Elmore leaves Charter School

Bill Elmore was relieved of his position as senior principal of the Lincolnton Campus of the Lincoln Charter School last week after a lengthy closed-session Board of Directors meeting.
The board had privileged information on Elmore, said Les Canipe, president of the Board of Directors.
“Sometimes based on that information the board has the unenviable position of making a difficult decision,” said Canipe.
Not all parents and students are happy with the board’s decision.
“I feel like there’s been a death,” said Susan Hullette, a parent. “It’s like we’re in a mourning period out there.”
Students were sent home with letters stating the change in administration, but some parents feel left in the dark.
Because it was related to personnel matters, no clear reason for Elmore’s departure has been stated.
“We’re not trying to be evasive in our answers,” said Noah Parker, a board member. “We just want to protect our employees.”
Bill Elmore could not be reached for comment.
Elmore served as the school’s principal since January of 1999. Prior to his being principal, the school had two principals and a temporary principal in two years.
“We were just principals out the door, right and left,” said Hullette. “He came in and pulled everyone together.”
Elmore brought 21 years of experience in education to the school, and was excited about his new job.
“I plan to stay,” Elmore said in 1999. “It’s a real opportunity for me.”
The board has hired Keith Hain, a social studies teacher at the Lincolnton campus, as the new campus principal.
“He’s been with us since day one,” said Canipe. “He’s proven himself.”
Until the end of the school year, Hain will work as both a teacher and the campus principal.
“I know I’m definitely up to this,” said Hain.
Starting next year, a new social studies teacher will be hired, and Hain will remain principal.
Hain has a bachelor’s degree in elementary school education and is seeking a masters in education administration.
The board looks for people with skills in management and human relations, rather than focusing solely on degrees, said Canipe.
“He meets all the skills we’re looking for,” said Canipe.
The board is currently seeking a senior educator to work part-time as an executive officer of the school board and the school’s primary contact with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.
Sherrie Carpenter, the school’s finance officer, will also work as the operation director until the end of the school year.
“The directors are confident that our current administration and our excellent teachers and staff will continue to provide a safe and caring and challenging environment for students,” said Canipe.
As the campus’s new principal, Hain plans on making some changes.
“There are many policies that I’m going to put in place,” he said.
One of his main priorities is to create a better communication system for the school.by Sarah Grano

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