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Officials seek to inform citizens on school needs

Although members of the school system can’t run a campaign promoting the $47 million school bond referendum, they have started informing the public on the facts.
“The most important thing is for the citizens to realize why we need the $47 million,” said Jean Dellinger, vice chairman of the Board of Education.
Board members and school system administrators have gone to civic groups, community groups, school parent teach associations and faculty meetings in hopes of educating people on the issue.
“We don’t put pressure on our employees,” said Superintendent Jim Watson. “We just want to provide information.”
The $47 million bond referendum will be voted on by Lincoln County citizens on May 4. If it is passed, the school system will build a new elementary school, a new middle school and add expansions to three high schools.
The schools and expansions would help accommodate growth in the county.
“You would almost have to hide your head in the sand to not realize that growth is occurring,” said Watson.
Board of Education members felt pleased that no one spoke out against the bond referendum during a public hearing on the issue.
However, they don’t believe passing the bond will be an easy feat.
“Formal opposition could rear its ugly head tomorrow,” said Watson.
Three architects have already been chosen, should the bond be passed.
Three separate design teams have been formed, one for each project. Guidance counselors, music teachers and exceptional children teachers are some of those represented.
The design teams will communicate their needs to the architects.
Sketches of the new schools and expansions should be ready before the vote, but detailed plans of the site may not be available.
Members of the community have formed a citizen’s committee, which will formerly campaign in favor of the bond.
Members of the committee have spoken before public groups and are putting together flyers and posters supporting the passing of the bond.by Sarah Grano

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