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Poor weather conditions continue to delay NC16 widening

The N.C. 16 widening project for a four-lane highway is behind schedule.
The project’s first and longest phase is 5.9 miles from south of Lucia north to N.C. 73.
This section of the phase will not be completed for its targeted date.
“It is behind schedule due to the poor conditions of the spring and now with the rain and snow,” said Jackie McSwain, resident engineer with the N.C. Department of Transportation.
She said the completion date was set for August of this year but has been extended for the beginning of next winter.
At this point in the project, crews are constructing the detour bridge for traffic.
The bridge will cross over N.C. 16.
The second phase of the project comprises the stretch from N.C. 73 to St. James Church Road.
McSwain anticipates the grading project for this section will be completed by December 2004.
“Then it will be awarded to paving,” she said.
Construction on the project began August 27, 2001.
The length of the highway will be 16.4 miles and will be an alternate route to get from Charlotte to Hickory.
The cost of the project is $22 million and includes the cost of the grading portion only. by Amy Wadsworth

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